'Whole Person' Wellness - People usually consider WELLNESS as "physical health", and refer to someone as feeling well - or not feeling well. Certainly, maintaining good physical health contributes greatly to one's level of well-being - perhaps it's the most "crucial" factor. But it is still only one key component of TOTAL wellness.

As a long time Financial Advisor and Business Consultant (and a soon-to-be graduate CWC - Certified Wellness Coach), I see wellness as an "integrated, holistic" model - one which has many different dimensions to it.

Every single person on this planet is a "multi-dimensional" human being. In my above Wellness Wheel, I illustrate five (5) essential, inter-connected dimensions that I personally feel are most critical for a well-rounded lifestyle. NObody will ever achieve "total" balance within this wheel - but at least we can "strive" for improvements wherever there might be weaknesses.

Bottom Line - It doesn't matter whether you're an entrepreneur, netpreneur, employee, executive, professional, or whatever) - when the above five (5) Wellness Factors are in a "reasonable harmony" - you will begin to see greater success, prosperity, freedom and happiness in your life.

Note: There are truckloads of books, courses, and seminars available on each of these (5) Wellness Factors - but below, I'm simply highlighting a few of the important "elements" of each component, as follows (in no particular order)...

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Having a Healthy Relationship with Money -- Reducing Personal Debt -- Using Credit Wisely -- Controling Your Spending -- Pursuing Financial Education -- Owning a Small Business -- Budgeting Effectively -- Avoiding Financial Risk -- Getting Asset Protection -- Becoming Your Own Banker -- Becoming Cyber-Proofed -- Balancing Your Checkbook -- Connecting Your Financial Goals to Your Values -- Seeking Financial Privacy -- Paying Yourself First -- Insuring Yourself Adequately -- Focusing on Prosperity -- Increasing Your Cash Flow -- Creating Multiple Streams of [Passive] Income -- Diversifying Your Savings & Investments -- Pursuing Financial Empowerment -- Growing Your Net Worth Position -- Planning Your Retirement -- Leveraging Your Finances -- Building Your Wealth Safely -- Planning Your Estate


Gaining a Support Network (family, social, friends, co-workers, community, associates, colleagues) --Knowing & Understanding Your Spiritual Values, Your Beliefs, Your Ethics, Your Purpose -- Having a Strong Faith -- Pursuing Your Passion, Your Vision & Your Mission -- Liking Yourself -- Respecting & Caring for Yourself & Others -- Being Grateful -- Being Kind -- Planning Family Time -- Being Sensitive & a Good Listener -- Volunteering to Enhance Your Community -- Being Commited to Continuing Education


Being a Critical Thinker -- Having a Success Mindset -- Coping with Stress -- Having Realistic Expectations -- Being Willing to Ask for Help -- Understanding the Mind-Body Connection -- Having a Sense of Peace & Well-Being -- Having a Positive Attitude -- Being Open Minded -- Accepting Yourself for Who You Are -- Managing Your Feelings -- Watching for Signs of Depression -- Having a Sense of Humor -- Using Optimal Medication Management -- Developing an Enthusiasm for Life -- Practicing Hugging


Consider Benefits of Entrepreneurship -- Looking for Fulfillment -- Handling Roadblocks as Challenges -- Looking for Opportunities to Over-Deliver -- Giving Insane Value to Others (employer, staff, customers, clients, patients) -- Being a Team Player -- Being a Good Decision Maker -- Having Vision -- Developing Leadership Skills -- Operating with Integrity -- Bringing New Ideas & Suggestions -- Setting Career Goals --Being Optimistic -- Looking for Control, Satisfaction & Enrichment -- Pursuing Continuing Education


Doing Daily Exercise -- Getting Good Nutrition (ideally, clean, green, plant-based, non-gmo, organic, WHOLE FOOD nutrition) -- Managing Stress -- Cardiovascular Activity -- Strength & Endurance Training -- R&R -- Dietary Supplements -- Avoiding Tobacco, Drugs & Excessive Alcohol -- Seeking Holistic Practitioners -- Maintaining a Balanced Diet -- Getting Regular Physical Checkups -- Cutting Back on White Sugar, Flour & Salt -- Eating Breakfast -- Staying Away from Artificial Sweeteners -- Practicing Healthy Hygiene -- Eating High Fiber Foods -- Getting Enough Sleep -- Doing Yoga -- Staying Hydrated


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